Sell Better With These 6 Sales Apps

Sell Better With These 6 Sales Apps

Smartphones and tablets may be a part of everyday life, but what used to be devices for connecting with friends and family now have an increasing role in business. Tablets are important for many professionals, particularly those in sales – and no wonder! They let you take notes, process sales, manage customer relationships, and deliver presentations with the same capabilities and often better efficiency than most laptops.

All you need is the right app, and these six sales apps will help you sell better than ever before.

Apple Keynote

If you give presentations and you use Apple, you need the Keynote app. The iPads like the Apple iPad mini 3 from T-mobile are already seen as replacements for laptops and the great Keynote functionality makes it all the easier to leave your laptop at home. Use your iPad to give small presentations, or plug into an HDMI and share with the whole room. Plus, you will have almost full Keynote functionality, letting you make last-minute edits or additions as needed from wherever in the world you happen to be.


If Microsoft is more your speed, download CloudOn to bring Microsoft Office to your tablet, iPad included. The app accesses your Powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets from your Dropbox and, unlike many other apps that only let you read, present, or marginally edit Microsoft Office files, CloudOn actually lets you use a real version of Excel, Word, and Powerpoint that the company keeps ready and updated on its servers.

Go To Meeting

When your clients are located across the state or on the other side of the country, you need a secure way to connect. Go To Meeting fits the bill and makes conferencing with clients easy. The app is similar to the ubiquitous Skype but it is designed to handle much larger audiences without losing connection quality.

Cam Card

Are you a sales professional who gets dozens of business cards when you’re networking? Entering all that information into your mobile device can take forever. You can pay your assistant to do it or just download Cam Card. The app lets you take a photo of the business card with your smartphone or tablet and automatically stores the information in your contacts. From there, you can tap in important information about what that person wants or make notes of how you met.


Salesforce is a must-have if your company uses, and you sell on the go. The software keeps track of leads, when you last touched base, and, when it’s time to close, it exports all the information you collected with the client to the people who send out the invoices. Downloading the app on your tablet or smartphone lets you manage your customer relationships from wherever you are.


If you want to be able to process payments on the go, get Square. By using a plug-in card reader with your connected tablet or smartphone, you can swipe credit cards to pay for your services in seconds.

Tablets and smartphones are really only as useful as the apps they run, so make sure you download the best apps for selling.

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