4 Innovative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

4 Innovative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

When is your attempt to motivate employees considered insipid or even forceful? As a business owner, it’s essential to be able to motivate employees into working at their optimal levels without having to force them into doing so or paying too much in salaries or work perks. Here are four innovative ways to motivate the workforce into high productivity mode at all times.

Encourage Ideas and Solutions

When employees approach you or other higher-ups with ideas or solutions that could contribute to the advancement of your company, make sure you show them you appreciate and encourage such behavior. Supporting their ideas and entertaining any solutions to problems will motivate them to continue thinking outside the box and work on related projects and activities even in their downtime.

Celebrate All Milestones

Aside from professional milestones, celebrate personal milestones as well. Celebrating employee birthdays and those who just recently gave birth can be fun and a total motivation booster. Over time, it inspires a more close-knit family and a culture unlike any other. This reduces employee turnover rate and increases the morale of the office.

Have Awards Nights

It doesn’t have to be like the Oscars, but giving out awards and hanging up plaques and medals can cultivate a motivating environment for your workforce. The truth of the matter is, everyone wants to be recognized. Your employees don’t just want to be another number on your payroll. They want to be treated as human beings and given exaltation when personal and professional milestones are achieved. Awards, plaques, and medals from companies like Naag Tag Name Tags help employees know that they are being thought about and valued.

Allow Pets to Visit

Better yet, allow them to stay at the office at least once every week. Pets make people happier and healthier. If your employees have their pets around them while at work, they get distracted from the common stressors of the office environment and are able to relax more quickly. Of course, make sure to establish ground rules, such as making sure your employees clean up after their pets and that nobody in the office is severely allergic to the visitors. Rowdy or untrained pets should also not be allowed, or an otherwise delightful visit could quickly turn frustrating and stressful as important documents are endangered and personal effects are damaged.

Motivate your employees the right way by following the four techniques above. Avoid just throwing money into the problem of low productivity levels in the office. Although it seems like a logical solution, it tends to be a short-lived and unsustainable option.

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