How Outsourcing Can Help Your Business?

How Outsourcing Can Help Your Business?

As a norm, most of the new entrepreneurs or businessmen having small sized units feel that keeping the office size into account, they can do it all using their existing workforce. But then, you know what? At times even some of the most organised businessmen need to have their own time to come up with ideas that can actually do some good for their business. In other words plan ways to grow the company. Remember one thing. Be it a small venture or a big one, growth is most crucial factor for the survival of any business. The day your business ceases to grow, it’s clear that the days for your business to survive are numbered.

The best thing that you can do for your business is to channelize energies and capabilities in value adding activities.  And you can only hope to do so if the maximum consumption of man hours is towards doing things that you do best, things that add value to your firm, things that differentiate you from competitors. Next question – how do you achieve this? Who takes care of paperwork, customer care, sales calls, payroll management, etc.? Well – the answer is – outsourcing.

What does outsourcing mean?

When opt to get your work outsourced, it means that you are entrusting some of your business functions to vendors. Generally, people outsource works like customer services, admin work etc.

Why Outsource?

With most businesses becoming conscious of quality and cost, it appears that outsourcing is more a necessity than a matter of choice. Before planning to get your work outsourced it’s important to know what it’s all about and how it can help you.

You can opt for outsourcing for the following reasons:

  1. Cost effective

Outsourcing is a proven-effective strategy for getting your work done cheaper than what you can manage it locally for. On an average, outsourcing can help you save about 60 per cent of cost.

  1. Better outcome

Remember, when you are outsourcing your work to an outsourcing partner, you do it for an agreed service level agreement. Mostly, because of competition in the countries offering most outsourcing services, you get top service for significantly lower price than locally delivered service.

  1. Eliminates need of owning expensive capital assets

Getting your work done by an outsourcing service provider, in a way, eliminates the need of investing heavily to build additional infrastructure.

  1. Access to specialized skills

Outsourcing opens up a whole army of skilled workers from other geographies who bring their knowledge and acumen for your firm’s benefit, at much more affordable prices.

But before you get your work outsourced, you need to know what tasks can be outsourced for your venture.

Which Operations Are Suitable for Outsourcing?

Remember, it best to outsource administrative work. No matter how vital it is for business but it doesn’t really do much in helping your firm grow. Some of the operations that you as an entrepreneur can rely on outsourcing for are:

Invoicing: You have a number of vendors that can easily step in to help you with your invoicing and accounts work. Right from invoicing to doing payment follow-ups they will do it all for you.

Bookkeeping and payroll:  This is another area where outsourcing can come handy. Not only are these tasks tedious, work but also need expertise to be managed efficiently.

Social media marketing: Now, making a mark in the social media is prerequisite for any business today. Keeping a full-timer for this job not a sensible thing when you can easily get it outsourced. Not only does it help in cutting your company cost but it also saves on your time.

Email Marketing: Yes, hiring email services can free up your time to certain extent. Also, the experts hired will offer better communication services, which will help you benefit from your clients.

Customer service: Lot of hue and cry is raised about America outsourcing a huge chunk of call centre operations to India. Well, these call centre related jobs are often related to customer support/services. The cost of employing, training and office facilities in USA are much higher, whereas, when such operations are outsourced to a country that has lower labour cost, then it in a way helps the company cut on costs.

However, while getting your work outsourced, it becomes very important for you to be very clear and assertive with your contractor about what your company demands are and how they need to fulfil those demands. Once trust and understanding are built, you can be assured about the growth of your business. For, now you have what you need – time to plan and design strategies that will not only help your company grow but also enter into newer markets, verticals, and geographies.

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