What does the future of delivery look like?

What does the future of delivery look like?

A future filled with robots, self-driving cars and a drone or two might seem like a thing of the distant future, but that just isn’t the case. For fans of a sci-fi world, you’ll be pleased to know that we aren’t far off of a world filled with automation. In fact, we’re very nearly there and nowhere is that becoming more increasingly obvious than in the logistics industry. With the world taking on the likes of and Amazon, delivery and ordering has never been easier. Tests are being done daily with drones and driver-less vehicles, but what does the future of logistics truly look like?

Autonomous Fleets

With even the likes of Forbes predicting that delivery fleets will become autonomous in the future, its a hard prediction to ignore. But the predictions go beyond just autonomous road freight. With talk of autonomous cranes, ships and more, the world is certainly taking this concept with both hands and rushing towards it. OTTO is one of the leading companies in automated delivery, having already tested out a driverless truck. Their innovative technologies could very well be the future of logistics, and we could see this and similar more widely circulated before long.

Transportation Management Systems

Transportation Management Systems are providing a whole new level of transparency to the freight and logistics industry. Not only is it providing consumers with more information about their orders and deliveries than ever before, but it also gives businesses the chance to more easily control their movement of freight and management of vehicles and are bringing their companies and services more relevant. Of course, there is still plenty of improvements to be made, and they will me. Technology is constantly changing, and so there is no doubt that the logistics industry will pick up on this as far as their management systems are concerned.

Same-Day Delivery

In a world where quick and easy is becoming the new norm, its only a matter of time before more and more companies start offering same day delivery. Amazon and Argos in particular are leading the game when it comes to same-day delivery. Argos had already pioneered the click-and-collect process, and so it’s no wonder that it is also one of the two companies at the head of this new service. Next-Day delivery is a commonly found service by this point, but same-day has plenty of room to grow. Under Amazon, for example, some prime customers have the option for two-hour delivery in some areas. As you might expect, this kind of delivery is currently only available in certain areas, but it is constantly spreading and becoming more and more widely available.


In the world of automation, drones are also becoming increasingly popular as a method for delivery. It is perhaps one of the hottest topics in the world currently, especially so in the logistics industry. There is plenty of speculation as to what the world may be like if drones were to fill out skies and partake in logistics, but the truth is it is already well on its way to becoming reality. Drones are already being tested by Amazon, who claimed their first successful delivery by drone in late 2016 through their Prime Air service. However, the first delivery recorded by done was actually a Dominos pizza, delivered near Auckland, New Zealand.

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