Five ways to save money at the Airport

Five ways to save money at the Airport


When it comes to travelling, whether for business or for leisure, the airport can often come with costs that we completely overlook. From airport parking to the cost of food, there are plenty of things that can cost us a pretty penny if we aren’t careful and it can be easy to forget to look into money saving tips for your time at the airport while we’re busy looking at hotels and places to eat at our destination. We’ve decided to pull together five of the best ways you can save money while you’re at the airport no matter where you’re travelling to or how long you’ll be there for.


Airport parking can be one of the most costly parts about flying if you have no other way of getting to the airport. Though trains and busses might seem better in theory, the cheaper cost can often be made to seem not worth the hassle when it comes to lugging your bags from place to place. Driving is often the easiest way to bring your luggage to the airport, and you’ll be happy to know there are ways to save even if this is the case. You can look into getting dropped off by a friend or family member, or even a co-worker if you feel comfortable asking them. If this isn’t the case, take to the internet and look for deals. There are regular deals available at all airports for their parking, though some of these are only available if you book the parking while you book your plane ticket. Looking online or even calling the airport can lead to some unexpected deals, so make sure you look around before deciding on how you’re travelling to the airport.


It can often be cheaper to pay your baggage fees online before you even leave for the airport. Some airlines will have a prepay option and others won’t, however, so make sure you look into this in advance. Checking the weight of your luggage and the policy each airline has is also important to save yourself from any unexpected and costly fees. Overweight bags can cost you hundreds depending on the airline and how overweight your bag is, so make sure you check all of this before you even leave your house. You might have to leave the extra towels at home, but it could be worth it to save yourself some serious money.

Money exchange

Next to airport parking, exchanging money can be another big cost that you won’t necessarily consider. Airport currency exchange play off of the ease and convenience that their position will give you, and charge the fees to make up for it. Exchanging some money before you go and drawing the rest from an ATM or bank when you arrive can work out a lot cheaper, or at least a better value for money than exchanging your holiday funds at the airport. After all, the more you exchange, the more they’ll take in fees.

Pack your own snacks

Airport food is notorious for being on the expensive side. Just like the currency exchange, restaurants and fast food often take advantage of the convenience and charge more and the same can be said for in-flight food. Packing some lasting snacks for your journey can save you the cost of airport food, as well as keep you going throughout the duration of the flight. Of course, this all depends on how long your flight is. Try and eat before you leave home, too, or before you get to the airport. If you’re set on that fast food meal, consider stopping off on the way to the airport instead, as you’ll find that the food is cheaper outside of the terminals.

Look for deals

Looking for all of the deals and vouchers that you can might seem like the obvious choice, but searching for these things is a priceless venture. The savings that can be found by shopping around can go from pence, to a lot more and it’s well worth a bit of a search to see what you can find. From deals on airport lounges that will have drinks and food included, to vouchers for cheaper airport parking during the duration of your holiday, there is no doubting that savings can be made. Take some time out on the run up to your trip to see what you gems you can find within the deep corners of markets.

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