Europe’s Biggest Start Up Hubs

Europe’s Biggest Start Up Hubs

When the term ‘start up hubs’ comes to mind, many people automatically think of the iconic Silicon Valley situated in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, but Europe is also home to some of the biggest, and best, start up hubs in the world, including countries such as Amsterdam and London. Before you complete your EHIC card renewal application and jet off to one of the many iconic locations found in Europe, find out Europe’s top five flourishing start up hubs below that are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs from any industry.


One European start up city to watch this year is London. Even though the UK plans to leave the EU behind, London remains as one of the top start up hubs in Europe, home to Deliveroo and Uber Eats. However, due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, some UK start-ups are choosing to move to cities such as Lisbon and Berlin following the vote to leave the European Union. However, others believe that, despite this vote, London will continue to thrive as one of Europe’s biggest start up hubs. What do you think?


As well as being the city of love and home to iconic delicacies such as the Macaroon, Paris is in fact one of Europe’s biggest start up hubs. Alongside the success of London, start-ups located in France earned more than £1.38 billion in 2015 alone. Further to this, it is said that Paris will soon be home to one of the largest start up campus’ across the globe, Station F, which will measure more than 360,000 square-feet in total. As a result, you should keep a close eye on the coming happenings in Paris!


In recent years, Berlin has become increasingly popular with tourists and those looking for the best start up scene alike. Today, Berlin is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of digital entrepreneurs hoping to hit the jackpot, and the success of Dubsmash, for example, continually attracts likeminded people and the top talent to Berlin. With more than 100 million users, the video messaging app was previously the leading name in the App Store across a number of European countries in 2016.


Despite being a small city, the success of Amsterdam as a start-up hub has proved that size is no barrier when it comes to revolutionising the technology scene – and it has been revealed that Amsterdam is on track to becoming the new Silicon Valley. If you have ever needed to send an overly large file, you have probably used WeTransfer – a cloud-based file transfer service based in Amsterdam. As well as big computer file transfer software, Amsterdam is also home to Bloomon, a bespoke flower delivery service. Who knew there was more to Amsterdam than Anne Frank’s infamous house?


Putting Anne Frank’s House aside, Barcelona, home to the third largest football stadium in the world, is also one of Europe’s biggest start up hubs. More recently, Barcelona has become renowned for international investment. As a result, the incredible city has already managed to secure a margin of early-stage funding, and has welcomed global technology companies like Cisco and Amazon.

Europe is home to some of the hottest start up hubs in the world. Whilst the uncertainty of Brexit has put London’s start up hub nature on the line, entrepreneurs fearlessly continue to flood the country, just like in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

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