9 Effective Marketing Strategies for Modern Businesses

Regardless of the type of business model or niche you have invested in, you need to implement effective marketing strategies to make it profitable. In today’s digital age, you can leverage digital marketing strategies to stay afloat and compete effectively with larger companies. Helpful, smart digital marketing tactics can help you to skyrocket your B2C or B2B business almost effortlessly. Here are the top nine effective marketing strategies for modern-day businesses.

Engage in Social Media Marketing

The rapid growth of social media marketing (SMM) has made major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing powerhouses. Millions of Americans interact with their social media accounts and handles on a daily basis. According to a 2019 Statista report, there are around 247 million social media users in the U.S. alone.

Many tech-savvy marketers who understand the power of social media have already introduced SMM in their digital marketing arsenals. While relying on social media to build your brand may seem overwhelming at the beginning, if you take time to build a targeted following, everything may work seamlessly.

Alternatively, if you want to fast track the adoption, hire an experienced social media manager or consultant to do the heavy lifting for you. Once everything is properly set up, you can invest in social media scheduling and monitoring tools to automate your marketing campaigns. Ensure that the way you engage with your audience is authentic and consistent to remain relevant in the market.

Produce Video Tutorials

Video content is more engaging than other content types, such as long blocks of plain text. That is why social media giant Facebook tends to favor video content compared to text and images. When Mark Crumpacker joined Chipotle Mexican Grill, he used his emotional storytelling approach to produce an award-winning short film and a mobile game called The Scarecrow. The fact that the short film was able to earn two Daytime Emmy Awards is undeniable evidence that video content commands the media industry.

Another practical example is the fact that YouTube is the second largest online search engine. Whenever an internet user wants to learn how to do something or watch exciting videos, he/she will probably head over to YouTube. So, if you’re not using YouTube to showcase your product or service, then you might be missing out on the big bucks. Tutorials are perfect for informercials, especially for brands that deal with complex products such as software and electronic gadgets that require visual manual guides.

Identify Your Target Market

While most digital marketing tactics work for various businesses, some of these strategies are customer-specific. Remember, every business or market has unique factors that influence the type of marketing approach to employ.

Before you start figuring out the right elements to incorporate in your marketing strategies, carefully review your business model, and target customer demographics. For example, if most of your target customers are on Instagram, you can’t start by creating and launching email campaigns and expecting good results.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is not only cheaper but also more instantaneous than other forms of digital marketing. You can quickly launch your campaign and start getting the highest open rates if you’re strategic enough in your approach.

However, to generate significant leads and conversions from email marketing, you need to segment your email list accordingly based on a unique criterion. In addition, you need to provide your subscribers with valuable information, not just promotional messages.

Launch a Blog

Blogging is an articulate way of building and nurturing a sustainable target market online. However, launching a blog for your business may take time to start showing tangible results.

Therefore, you need to blog consistently and promote the blog via other forums such as social media and guest blogs. Once you have established your name as a thought-leader, your followers may start streaming in. They’ll rely on you as a go-to-person for specific topical issues in your niche.

Some of the most successful bloggers out there have taken years to achieve this milestone. With an authoritative blog, you can benefit from massive organic traffic to the extent that you may not require other paid advertising networks for generating quality traffic.

Work on Your SEO

Interestingly, many entrepreneurs don’t invest in search engine optimization (SEO) because they assume it’s a treacherous and time-consuming effort. But, after you learn everything you need to succeed with SEO, the sky becomes the limit.

Avoid illegitimate online agencies that advise webmasters to try blackhat SEO approaches to trick search engines. Instead, work with credible SEO agencies with proven SEO tactics that can help you increase your pages’ rankings on search engines.

Since Google keeps updating their SEO algorithms, it’s also essential to work with a smart agency that keeps an eye on the latest algorithm updates. Illegal link schemes and SEO tactics may cause your website to be banned from search engines. Although you need to carefully pay homage to search engines when researching and using the right keywords, your primary focus should be on crafting content for humans.

Getting your message to the right audience and building a stable brand from scratch is not rocket science. If you have a converting product or service, implement effective marketing strategies to boost your brand’s visibility, and increase sales. Ensure the marketing strategies you employ meets your business’s specific needs, objectives, and be careful not to burst your marketing budget.

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