About Us

My name is Valentine Belonwu and welcome to Business Gross. Here is a little history about the creation of the site.

Setting up websites is nothing new to me. I  have launched many websites for various reasons.  Back in early 2008,  I searched for many avenues to share my interests and ideas to the world, and stumbled upon the idea of blogging.  Then I decided to launch a blog which I could use as a means of contact to my world, share  my ideas and thoughts on finance, business, the economy and many other aspects to be able to touch lives, enlighten and guild business minded people in my little way.

The thing that really bothered me however, was that it seemed like everybody is talking and writing about the same thing, some just twist and change their use of the English language when writing, but it turns out that the central idea always turn out to be what everyone is still trying to say.  For example, why would I talk about what stocks to invest in when you can read better analysis at a number of other sites.

The things am going to be writing about include,how to be a successful business entrepreneur, how small business owners can cope with this bad economy, to mention just a few.

The sole aim behind the creation of the site is to help individuals understand that the  economic and political climate is crucial when mapping out a quality financial strategy in their lives, and also giving them techniques and strategies to understand and overcome this crucial climate.

Connect with me on Google+ at – Valentine Belonwu

I hope you will enjoy and become a regular visitor.